Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Where is the line?

So... I have spent an hour tonight reading up on some blogs of people I know.  It was an interesting experience and makes me ask the question... where is the line?

What is OK to discuss in a blog... what is going too far?

Can I complain about my sister in law who is being an idiot and considering going back to her husband who is a no-good deadbeat?  Or is that personal information that should not be aired in such a public forum?

Can I say that we would be better off electing Miss Piggy than Hillary for President? Or is that being too political?

I am amazed at what people are willing to write in a blog... what they put out there for the whole world to see (or more accurately, for the few people that even know the blog exists).

There is such a vulnerability in putting opinions in writing and not having your audience right in front of you where you can see their reaction and respond accordingly.  I love it.  It makes you think... consider what you are saying.  Am I really willing to air out my feelings or opinions to whomever may wander across this post?  Are people going to perceive my thoughts in a way that I would want them to?  Or am I going to look like an idiot?  It is kind of exhilarating.

Not to mention that reading other people's blogs is like looking into their heads.  I have enjoyed the fluff stuff and the deep thoughts equally.  It is fun to know that Alec enjoys "enlightening himself" (eaves-dropping) on campus... and that Dixon hates dogs... these are things I did not know.  It is also fun reading about Kieth's take on the war, American cockiness, and the radical BYU Shi'ites.  I even enjoyed Angela's argument that BYU fans don't care about UNLV.  At least not when the Rebs trounce the mighty Alley Cats.

What a fun way to communicate... I just wonder if I will go to far.

I am just not sure... Where is the line?