Saturday, July 19, 2008

Kid Talk

Ever since the kids started talking, we have been keeping track of funny things they have said.  So here is Kid Talk.


Chaison was being naughty in church and daddy went to take him out and he yelled, "Somebody help me!"  2 years

Chaison was climbing in bed next to daddy one morning and cuddled up next to him.  The alarm went off and Chaison rolled over, hit snooze and then rolled back over to cuddle with daddy.  2 years

Mommy was lying in bed with Chaison asking him what all of the animals say.  He was getting all of them right until mommy asked, "What does a wolf say?"  Chaison said, " I am going to blow your house down."  2 years

Shai fell down and hit her head and started crying.  Chaison came in to see what happened.  Mommy told him that Shai had lost her balance and got hurt.  Chaison said, "It's okay Shai, I will help you find your balance."  4 years

Mommy was dropping Chaison off at school and noticed the time.  She said, "you better hurry the bell is going to ring soon."  Chaison said, "how do you know that every day?"  5 years

We were at the park and mommy pointed to a Great Dane and said, "look at that horse."  Chaison said, "That's not a horse, that's a donkey."  5 years

Chaison was playing out back while daddy was working on the yard.  He was walking and stepped on a hoe and it came up and hit him in the back of the head.  he turned around thinking someone had thrown something at him.  6 years

On the way home from church, we asked the kids what they learned today and Chaison said, "We played a game today.  The teacher said 1-2-3 and then we had to be quiet.  I lost!"  6 years

Chaison was over at Uncle Kip's helping him put his Legos together.  Chaison asked, "Who gets your stuff when you die?"  7 years

Whoever made the word February, spelled it wrong.  8 years


We were driving down the street when we all smelled something.  Shai said that she smells horse poop.  We said no.  She said, "cat poop?"  No.  "Dog poop?"  No.  "Is it Tinkerbell poop?"  It was burnt rubber.  3 years

Shai was jumping off the couch over and over.  Mommy told her to stop and Shai said, "but mommy, I'm Wonder Woman.  I have to jump off of things."  3 years

I'm not picking my nose.  I am just trying to get something out of it.  4 years

Mommy told the kids they needed to clean their bathroom.  Chaison said that he wanted to do the mirrors and the counters.  Shai said, "I'll clean the lemonade off the floor."  5 years

Uncle Karl was counting kids and said, "Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco." And Shai said, "uno, dos, trey, waffle."  6 years


Kalan was playing catch with daddy.  Daddy threw him the ball and Kalan didn't catch it.  Kalan said, "You missed Daddy."  2 years

Mommy asked Kalan if he wanted to take a nap now or when we go to Utah.  He said, "when we go to my-tah."  2 years

Chaison, Shai and Kalan were supposed to be cleaning the toy room, but they were fighting instead.  Mommy told them if they don't stop she was going to come up and smack their butts.  Kalan said, "not everyone's butts!"

About 8:30 one night, mommy was talking to a salesman at the door.  Kalan came over and looked out the door and then screamed, "aaaaaahhh, SCARY!"  and then ran and told Shai there was a bad guy at the door.  2 years

I'm poopy, and it's a BIG one!  2 years

Mommy kept trying to call grandma on the phone and she wasn't answering.  Frustrated, she said, "Mom!" as she was looking at the phone.  Kalan said, "that's not your mommy."  3 years

Kalan saw mommy giving Shai medicine and he said that he needed medicine because his back hurts.  She asked where, and he said, "in front of me."  3 years

I want to be Darf Gator for Halloween.  3 years

Kalan hit his head on the desk giving himself a pretty good cut.  Mommy was taking care of him and told him that she needed to wipe the blood off of his face.  He started singing, "There's blood on my face, big disgrace, shaking my booty all over the place.  We will, we will Rock you!"  3 years

Mommy was trying to potty train Kalan and he was sitting on the toilet and started to get bored.  He was looking at his penis and then started to freak out and yelled, "Mommy, there's a hole in it!"  3 years

Kalan was saying his prayers and said, "Please bless that I will not poke people in the eyes."  3 years

Kalan didn't want to eat all of his food.  So daddy told him to take 7 more bites.  Kalan started crying and said, "but Daddy, I don't even know what that is."  3 years

These kids have always brought a smile to our faces.  They may drive us crazy sometimes, but the keep us laughing.  We sure are blessed!